elcome: For every child in our kindergarten programs, there is a parent who can go to work every day. Our Nurture-Me Christian Center is a K3 –K5 extension of our academy to allow our parents to keep the family united. This family-focused decision means not only unity for the parents, but a safe environment that ministers to the spiritual, mental and physical needs year-round.

Academic Skills: Does your child tell stories? Can she count to 10 and recite the alphabet? Can she write both upper and lower case letters? Does he speak in sentences of five words or more? Can he retell the general storyline of a book that has been read to him? Can she recognize five colors? Can she write her name? Kindergarten will build upon these skills, but a child should enter with some of them already in place. Of course, no child is perfect at all things and everyone develops at their own pace. But all of these issues play a part in kindergarten readiness. In our kindergarten program a child learns the phonetic sounds for all letters so that when he is ready to learn to read, he will do so. He will also learn social skills, the wonders of God's world, the reality of God's love along with math, English, science, word building and social studies.

Discipline Policy: NCA Academy believes that proper discipline is necessary for the welfare of the student as well as the entire school. Teachers will use the normal age appropriate classroom method of maintaining order with each of the age groups. Some of these methods include separation of children that are having a conflict, time-outs or a missed field trip. If problems with behavior continue, a parent will be required to come and discipline child. Students who continue to have problems after all avenues of discipline have been used, parents will be asked to withdraw student.

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