elcome: NCA Academy have been instrumental in exposing high school students to mission opportunities in such places as South America and Mexico, where they helped to build schools and churches and minister to others serving the needs of families with students who are struggling academically through the conventional schooling system by providing a solid Individualized Christian education.

Students who attend NCA Academy are expected to follow a rigorous academic track that meets or exceeds the requirements for admissions to most major universities. The minimum course requirements for graduation are:

1. Four years of secondary school study are required for a Diploma, during which time a minimum of 23 credits must be earned for a General Diploma, 25 credits for a College Preparatory Diploma and 27 credits for an Honors Diploma.

2. All students must carry a minimum of five academic classes each semester plus at least one elective.

3. The purpose of an Honors Diploma is to encourage and recognize outstanding academic achievement in the student body. In order to earn an Honors Diploma a student must meet a minimum of two advanced academic courses, 25 hours community service per year of attendance, and earn a 3.5-weighted grade point average (GPA). A student who meets each of these criteria and earns a 3.9-weighted GPA will graduate with Highest Honors.

* Honor classes may be taken as dual enrollment courses through a local college.

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