Admission Home School

1.Fill out the application and return to the Admissions office with the following:

A. Application fee of $50.00
B. Copy of Birth Certificate/ social security card.
C. Immunization record
D. If your child had previous special testing for reading or learning difficulties, please include a copy of the reports
E. Copy of past achievement testing.
F. Copy of most recent report card
G. Diagnostic Test

2. A date will be arranged for the parent/guardian to interview with the school.

3. Following the interview a decision will be made and the parent/guardian will notified as soon as possible. A contract will be issued to indicate the amount and method of tuition payment.

Requirements for Parents /Guardians:

1. Parent must have a high school diploma.
2. Parent must be able to home-school student for 4 hours per day.
3. The family will agree to work in a partnership relationship with the school and back the school fully in the training of the child.
4. Tuition payments will be made in accordance with enrollment contract.

Requirements for Students:

1. The student must be able to do the required work.
2. The student's attitude and life-style must be compatible to the Academy Student body.
3. Students who do not want to attend a Christian school should not be enrolled.
4. The student will agree to study and comply with all the policies and dress code of the student handbook.
5. Students in grades 1-12 are required to attend school a minimum of one time per month.
6. Students missing 2 classes in one semester will be required to attend school twice a month for the remainder of the school year.
7. Students missing 3 classes in one semester will be dropped from the program and reported for truancy.

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