NTRODUCTION: Nashville Christian Advancement Academy (NCA Academy), a non-profit organization, set up to benefit the communities of Middle Tennessee by providing help to single parents of wayward youth who lack the motivation to continue their education or who may have been intimidated by large classroom settings or whose learning disabilities could not be addressed or accommodated within large classroom settings.

GOAL: NCA Academy's goal is to ceaselessly labor in keeping our youth off the streets, in the classroom and on to college. Typically, over 95% of our graduating seniors continue their edcuation at a college or university.

ISTORY: Nashville Christian Advancement Academy was established in August 2001 and is located in Davidson County on several picturesque acres with a home-like character facility to house approximately seventy students in our kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. This is a purposeful choice, since we believe that learning takes place best in an informal, but structured environment for students that have been unsuccesful in "regular school settings", classified as below-average, average or above-average. NCA Academy creates an atmospher of personal, one-on-one relationships with instructors and administrative staff.


    1) Classroom Instruction – NCA Academy provides basis academic courses for grades kindergarten through twelve
    2) Mentoring – NCA Academy operates a Friday night mentoring program to help our youth whose environment did not afford them the opportunity to break their cycle of poverty and poor academic achievement, a chance to form relationships with successful people from their community. Guidance is offered in areas such as teen pregnancy, sexual/physical abuse, communication skills, resume writing, self-esteem building, and many other issues facing our youth.
    3) Community Service – To address the impact dropping out of school can have on the entire family and community, we encourage youth to engage in community projects to enhance society and strengthen connection to neighborhoods
    4) Cultural Enhancement – At NCA Academy we understand that education also takes place outside the classroom therefore, students are given the opportunity to travel to Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, etc. to participate in service projects.
    5) Leadership Training – Each semester students are taken to leadership retreats at Fall Creek Fall, Henry Horton, etc. to participate in team building workshops.


Nashville Christian Advancement Academy, admits students of any race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin.
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